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Friday, July 13, 2012

Inspiration for Spindlers

People ask me a lot where I get the ideas for my books, so I thought I'd share the many things that inspired me to write The Spindlers in this video. What inspires you guys to do what you love?


Maya said...

wow! it's so great to hear where your inspiration for the spindlers came from! i love those illustrations you have, even if the text that goes with them is a teensy bit creepy :)

Dana Al Refai said...

This left me speechless. It's wonderful how you look at things from several aspects. You will always be one of my favorite writers!

Jo said...

Thank you so much for your insightful video. I swear, you're one of the best middle-grade authors I've read within the past 5 years! I'm an aspiring middle-grade novelist myself, and I fell deeply in love with "Liesl and Po" when I first read it. I am really looking forward to "The Spindlers" as well, especially because Liza has to rescue her younger brother, so I'm excited to read about the brother-sister relationship aspect of the story. My own novel (which is in draft #3) also explores sibling relationships, so it always excites me to see more books that do the same!

Thank you for sharing "Outside Over There" as one of your childhood inspirations. It's always appreciated to see what my inspirational authors look up to. When you did your hand movements in your video to describe "The Spindlers," I instantly thought of that creepy pale man from the dinner table scene from the movie "Pan's Labyrinth"!

DMS said...

Fantastic! The Spindlers looks fantastic- and I love, love, love the cover! This video was great to see and so helpful. Awesome video.


Stellasoph said...

SO COOL!!! I love all the inspiration that you get. Its so amazing.

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